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We have 6 Share Houses located all around Tokyo, and can offer both short and lerm term accomodation from 1 day to 12 months (or longer) with no key money, guarantor or agency fees required. Monthly room rentals vary in prices between ¥50,000 - ¥75,000 + shared utilities per month.


If you are not currently in Tokyo or Japan we do offer a reservation service where you are able to reserve a room (please check for availability and pricing) just download the form from our contact section. To rent a room, check availablilty or for further information please use our contact page.




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Share House Experience

1. How long are you staying in Japan?

I’m staying in Tokyo for 2 months only. It’s a rather short trip, but very exciting. Every day in Japan is an adventure and I wish to come back really soon and hopefully spend more time discovering Japan.


2. What was the reason you came to Japan?

I came to Japan for work :)

3. What do you do when your have day off?

On my days off I wander around the neighborhood and sightseeing spots and try to experience as much of Tokyo's culture as I can. I enjoy eating out with friends. My Favorite restaurants are often very local and simple, there is nothing that makes your day quite like a nice bowl of soba and I also like the street BBQ stands very much. I find it interesting to pop in to random restaurants when I feel like it and

none of them have disappointed me. I also like to go jogging or spend time at the Shibuya Public Sports Centre close to Hatagaya station.


 4. What do you feel about living in our share house?

I have enjoyed my stay in Sasazuka share house very much. The management have been always very nice and extremely helpful. They made my stay very enjoyable and convenient. From giving me instructions on how to get to the guesthouse from the airport, through to picking me up at the station and giving me tips and tricks on living in Japan. These are the little things that make life easier and more beautiful :) Bright and clean rooms and common areas and a lovely bathroom, what else can you wish for? :)

The flat mates in the guesthouse
were a great bunch. It’s nice to be able to share your experience over a nice meal when living together. Eventually we became friends and I do hope we will stay in touch.

5.Why did you chose Sasazuka to live?

Its a nice and a cozy neighborhood with tons of great restaurants,  cute cafes, markets and supermarkets. There is all you need, from gym, public library, sports centre to post office within 10 minutes walk . Its only abut 10 minutes - 1 stop away from Shinjuku which makes it a extremely convenient spot as one can easily access one of the most exciting parts of the city. Sasazuka is definitely a great place to live :)